The Land of the Oak
Woodland Edge
Woodland landscape painting, decorative art, oil paining, North Yorkshre, warm colours, design, home, interior styling

I am primarily a landscape oil painter based in Whitby, North Yorkshire, although I also produce drawings in metalpoint, charcoal and pen and ink. My paintings are usually intricate or decorative, are sensitive to mood and light, reflecting my feelings towards what I am painting.

I love nature and ecology and have a keen interest in preserving species and environment, this interest leads me to other areas; the science of the natural world, folklore, poetry and literature. I like the human element in these interests, the stories and knowledge that people share. I do not profess to be any kind of expert in these fields, more that they spark my interest and allow me to imagine stories and feelings surrounding the subject. I like my imagination to go off on its own, without worrying too much about specific details, I want my paintings to go on and tell their own story.

Born in Sheffield in 1971, I grew up in a coal mining village in Doncaster, at primary school I began painting the trees at the edge of Shaw Wood, which I could see from my classroom window, and this is a love that has always stayed with me.


I studied graphics and illustration at Lincoln College of Art, graduating in 1992 and worked in the art department of Sheffield Newspapers until I started a family, which was when my career in painting first began. I moved to Whitby in 2007 and have enjoyed exploring the North Yorkshire coast through my work ever since.

I am available for commissions for the home, corporate design for print and wall murals, which you can read more about here.


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Thank you.